iPad Mini Is No Giant iPhone 5, A 4S Maybe

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Apple have just launched the iPad Mini in California with a price tag of $329 for the entry level and you can pre-order it from 26th October, with the device being available in Apple stores on 2nd November.

iPad Mini shares more hardware with iPhone 4S than iPhone 5

Along with the iPad Mini came the 4th generation of the full size iPad, with starting prices of $499. This new version of the iPad has the same price as the Surface tablets from Microsoft and this will also be available on 26th October. While the iPad Mini was the show stopper at the event earlier this week, it is important to note that it is still a mid-range tablet. In fact if you compared it to the iPhone range, it would fall in as the iPhone 4S while the iPad 4 would be the equivalent of the iPhone 5. To show what we mean, let’s compare the iPad Mini specs with those of the iPhone 4S and the specs of the iPad 4 with those of the iPhone 5.

One of the main differences between the iPhone 4S and the iPad Mini is the size of their displays. The iPad Mini is taller at 3.37 inches and wider at 2.99 inches and weighs 5.98 ounces more than the iPhone 4S. Both of the devices have the A5 processor, but the iPad Mini has an improved FaceTime camera on the front. The iPhone 4S comes with the 8 megapixel iSight rear camera, while the iPad Mini has a 5 megapixel camera. The iPad Mini relies on the Lightning connector.

When it comes to the 4th generation iPad and the iPhone 5 the biggest differences are the processor and the size of the device. The iPad 4 is heavier and larger device compared to the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 makes use of the A6 processor and the iPad has the A6X. The A6X comes with quad core GPU and graphic processing, which means that the graphic processing is faster on the iPad 4. While the specs are similar in the two products, they are not as close as the specs of the iPhone 4S and the iPad Mini.

The product specs for the iPad Mini and the iPhone 4S are almost identical, even down to the shared processor. So does this mean that the iPad Mini is just a larger iPhone 4S? If you go on just the specs alone then this would seem to be the case. The iPad 4 and the iPhone 5 do have some specs that are similar, however the GPU, which is quad core, will make a difference depending on how the consumer intends to use the device.

Another question is whether the delays in production that we have seen with the iPhone 5 will have any effect on the iPad 4 and the Mini iPad? If you plan on getting either of the two new devices you may want to pre-order to be on the safe side.

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