iPad Mini vs Google Nexus 7: Let’s Size Em’ Up!

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A photo has been published online showing what the 7.85 inch iPad mini could look like at the side of a 7 inch Kindle Fire HD and the Google Nexus 7.

iPad mini vs Google Nexus 7 vs Amazon Kindle Fire HD

The images came from and showed that the iPad mini was a lot thinner than the Nexus 7. According to the mock-up, it will also be taller than the other two devices. The iPad mini in question was a dummy model of 7.69 mm; this is thinner than the 9.91 mm iPad currently on the market with the Retina display.

The iPad mini measures 13.5 cm, or 3.5 inches wide and it is 20 cm or 7.87 inches tall. This is compared to the latest iPad on the market at 9.5 inches tall and 7.31 inches wide.

It is rumoured that the iPad mini will have a display of 7.85 inches and the resolution will be 1024 x 768. This would be the same resolution of the iPad 2. This means that there would be no problem with black bars top and bottom of the display, which are seen on apps that have not been updated on the iPhone 5, with a display of 4 inches.

There have already been mock-ups of the iPad mini appearing online and only last week there was a video posted showing a mock-up iPad mini with Wi-Fi. A comparison was made of the dummy alongside the full version of the iPad, along with the iPhone, some weeks ago. Mockups of the new iPad mini can be bought in China for $13.

Everyone is expecting Apple to announce an event this month, where they will reveal their new iPad mini. There have been reports that invites could be sent out on 10th October and the event day may be around the 17TH October. This may mean the iPad mini could be on the shelves before the month is out, sometime around 26th October.

iPad Mini mockup vs Google Nexus 7 & Kindle Fire HD

iPad Mini mockup vs Google Nexus 7 & Kindle Fire HD

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