iPad Mini & Nexus 7: The Most Common Complaints

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If you are considering buying either the Google Nexus 7 or the Apple iPad Mini, you may wish to check out the biggest complaints from users about the two tablets. The folks over at FixYa did just that and here are the results of their survey.

iPad Mini & Google Nexus 7: most common complaints

With the Apple iPad Mini, there were not many specific problems from users about the tablet. It’s what the tablet doesn’t provide that is the issue here.

The aspect ratio of the iPad Mini has come under fire and this is 4:3. Users say that this is not ideal when watching films, and it would have been better had it been a 16:9 aspect ratio. The lack of Retina display has also been an issue, along with a lack of storage space on the tablet. However the Apple iPad Mini does actually come in the same storage options as its bigger brothers.

The majority of owners of the Apple iPad Mini didn’t consider the things that were missing all that big of a deal, nor did they say that they regretted buying the tablet.

When it came to the Google Nexus 7 one of the most things complained about was the Android 4.2 update, which was released last month. The update has given users a lot of problems; including multitasking that is sluggish, web browsing that is slow, reboots that happen at random and response times that are languid when it comes to opening apps.

Some users don’t like the quality of the Nexus 7 screen, some have problems with the microphone and there is a lack of storage on the tablet. The biggest problem however was the update.

Anyone with the Google Nexus 7 who are having issues following the update can try going into Recovery mode on the tablet and then clearing the cache. If that doesn’t help then you will just have to wait for Google to roll out another update.

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