iPad Mini vs Nexus 7: The Little Sluggers

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Two of the best small tablets out at the moment are the Google Nexus 7 and the Apple iPad Mini. If you have to decide between the two then it will not be easy and basically you will have to choose between iOS and Android, the cost of the tablet, its display and how long the battery lasts.

iPad Mini vs Google Nexus 7

You can pick up the Apple iPad Mini 16GB version for $329 and this is a great deal less than what you would have to find if you wanted the Retina display version of the Apple iPad 4. The Google Nexus 7 costs $199 for the Wi-Fi only tablet and this happens to offer more customisation. Both of the tablets have displays that are IPS and are very sharp, both also have fast processors. So which is the best?

For price the only tablets that are able to come close to the Google Nexus 7 are the Nook HD and the Kindle Fire HD. Google are well known for keeping down the price tags and this helps them to take customers away from Apple. Apple of course are well known for their build quality, along with great design and having software that is superior.

When it comes to the design then the winner has to be the Apple iPad Mini. The tablet is light and comes with a back of aluminium. The Google Nexus 7 on the other hand feels thin and the back has soft touch plastic. The Apple iPad Mini happens to be the lightest tablet along with being higher end and this means that it is the winner.

The Google Nexus 7 has one thing that the Apple iPad Mini cannot beat, and this is the price tag. You can save $129 as the 3G Nexus 7 comes with a price tag of $299 and the Apple iPad Mini LTE is $459. With this in mind the Google Nexus 7 has to be the winner.

When it comes down to the operating system, you will be choosing between Android 4.2, which comes with Project Butter, or iOS 6.

On paper the Google Nexus 7 wins with the higher ppi. Both screens are IPS, but Google and Asus failed when it came to the calibration of the display of the Google Nexus 7. The colours seem to be washed out, even though the tablet comes with higher ppi. The Google Nexus 7 has 216ppi and the Apple iPad Mini has 163ppi. Text on the Apple iPad Mini is sharper than on the Nexus 7 and colours are better, along with contrast. It also has the larger display, so videos and photos look better on the screen of the Apple iPad Mini. Of course you will want to check out both displays before purchasing so head to your nearest electronics store.

If you want customisation then it would have to be the Android tablet, with flexibility and widgets. You would be able to change the ROM, launcher and keyboard. Android wins over the software of iOS 6.

The Apple iPad Mini does have more apps optimised to be used on tablets and so this wins in that department.

Both of the tablets come with great batteries and you should get around 8.5 hours out of the Google Nexus 7. The Apple iPad Mini should provide you with around 10 hours of battery life. The winner here has to be the Apple iPad Mini.

The Google Nexus 7 comes with great hardware and a quad core processor, and this makes it the winner. The Apple iPad Mini has the processor used in the Apple iPad 2, which is the A5 dual core. Geekbench tests revealed that the Google Nexus 7 is twice as fast as the Apple iPad Mini.

Both of these small tablets are pretty evenly matched so the final decision will likely come down to 3 things – which OS you prefer, do you need LTE and how big your budget is.

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