iPad Mini vs Nexus 7: Looks Can Be Deceiving

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The iPad Mini and the Google Nexus 7 each have their own niche when comparing them against each other. Some Apple fans have said that the wider display on the iPad Mini is better when viewing in landscape and iOS 6 has tighter security, despite it being less open.

iPad Mini vs Google Nexus 7: comparing them every way possible

Of course Android fans will tell you different and they say that the cost of the Nexus 7 is a lot cheaper than that of the iPad Mini and it has better specs making it true value for money. For some choosing between the Nexus 7 and the iPad Mini is as easy as picking between iOS 6 and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, however others would have to research as they may not be sure which just which OS is right for them.

There was a debate posted about the Nexus 7 and the iPad Mini between two editors of MacWorld recently over which of the tablets was the best. They focused on the display, the weight, measurements, camera and storage, on both of the devices. Each of the editors had their favourite, however they said that some features lacked on both tablets, such as the Nexus 7 not having a camera on the back and the iPad Mini missing out on GPS.

Now if you’re still confused as to which is the better buy after comparing price, OS and hardware then there is one last option – a drop test. It is nice to have some idea of what would happen to the tablets if they were dropped. A video has been posted showing a drop test between the iPad Mini and the Nexus 7, to see how each of them handles being dropped. Some reviewers put a lot of work into drop tests and this is evident in the first video (see bottom). This test sees the devices being dropped and submersed in water, along with the older iPad 3, which incidentally came out the worst in all of the drop tests. The second video shows what might happen to the tablets if you were walking in the street and dropped them onto concrete.

Now if the iPad Mini with its high end looks and fragile dimensions worry you, then check out the video as it is pitted against the more rugged looking Google Nexus 7 with its soft touch plastics. Looks can be deceiving after all.

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