iPad Mini vs Nexus 7: Bigger They Are, The Harder It Is To Break Em’

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A drop test was undertaken by a 3rd party warranty company and they found out that despite the iPad Mini having a thin bezel and larger surface area, it did better than the Google Nexus 7 and the 3rd gen iPad in drop tests.

iPad Mini beats Google Nexus 7 in drop tests despite odds

Square Trade carried out three tests using special apparatus that dropped the three tablets from a height of four feet and then dunked the devices into water for a full ten seconds.

The test made use of a machine that dropped the tablets all at the same time and in similar conditions. The devices were dropped onto the corners, along with the faceplate. Out of the three the iPad Mini came out the best in the corner drop, when it suffered just minor damage and the screen remained intact. The Google Nexus 7 suffered trauma to the edges of the device and the full sized iPad 3 had some cracks where it made impact.

In the face down test the Google Nexus 7 suffered slight fissures in its glass display and the screens of the iPad Mini and iPad 3 were fractured significantly. None of the devices were attempted to be turned on following the drop tests.

The tablets were then submerged under water for ten seconds, before being taken out and inspected. The iPad Mini seemed to work as normal, however the home button wouldn’t work on the 9.7 inch iPad and it was sluggish in regards to touch input. We don’t know how the Nexus 7 faired as it rebooted and then became unresponsive.

Talking all drop tests into account, the iPad Mini came out on top. While the tests are highly subjective, they do give us a reasonable look into what might happen if they were dropped from heights such as those in the test. However in real life situations, they could turn out very differently.

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