iPad Mini Screen Test: Lack Of Retina Bothersome To Eyes (IM)

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The displays of the iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad 4 and iPad 2 had been compared by iMore’s Rene Ritchie recently. As we already know, the iPad Mini has been designed without the Retina display of Apple, which puts it in line with the iPad 2. So what does this mean in real life usage experience?

iPad Mini lack of Retina Display may be bothersome to some user’s eyes

Photos of icons of Safari browser were posted online taken from the four devices. These showed the icon on the iPad 2 at 132ppi, the iPad Mini at 163ppi, iPad 4 at 264ppi and the latest iPhone 5 at 326ppi.

Of them all the iPad 2 icon seems to come with pixels that can be seen the most and the iPhone 5 has the least noticeable pixels. When it came to text and graphics, photos were posted showing this taken from within the iBook app.

The text was found to be too small on the iPad Mini and difficult to read, despite the fact that it was denser than that of the iPad 2. As InRumors explains, the conclusion seems to be that the lack of the Retina display on the iPad Mini is noticeable and if you are used to looking at products of Apple, it will be troublesome to the eyes. However Richie goes on to say that compromises have to be made to own one and he would be willing to make them.

Apple products screen comparison

Apple products screen comparison

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