Heavily Criticized iPad Mini Selling Like Hotcakes

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Apple may be heading towards one of the strongest sales for a new tech product in modern history. They have enjoyed success with the iPhone, iPod Nano, iPod Touch and iPad, and now it looks like the iPad Mini will sell like hotcakes as it appears that it has almost sold out in the pre-order stage.

iPad Mini sales

Only 26 hours following pre-orders being taken, 4 out of the 6 available iPad Mini SKUs had been sold out on the Apple store online reports . The 16GB black version of the device is the most recent iPad Mini to show that pre-order stock is out. The date for shipping the tablets was 2nd November and this date has now being pushed back thanks to their being more pre-orders taken than what is available.

It seems that the Mini iPad, despite it being criticised by critics and some fans, is going to achieve success reports The Examiner. The white iPad Mini sold out for pre-order within minutes of it being online pointed out the blog.

The iPad Mini happens to be the first “new” product to have been launched since Tim Cook became the chief executive of Apple.

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