iPad mini: Would iPad Owners Have Any Reason To Buy One?

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The iPad Mini rumors have been going around for what seems to be forever. Apple have what many people class as the perfect handset and they also have a perfect tablet and now they are preparing to unveil yet another powerhouse.

iPad mini rumors

The iPad mini is rumored for release in September, around the same time as the iPhone 5 is said to be coming out. Already fans of tech are dreaming about what the new iPad mini may look like. Of course it will look cute as it is the smaller brother of the iPad, but would this be reason enough to tempt anyone to go out and purchase one?

Would those who have the New iPad ‘3’ be tempted to go out and buy it because of its looks? Fans of such as the Kindle or the Nook might. Women might as it would fit in their handbag easier than the full sized iPad. There is no doubt that Apple are dominating as we have seen this with their iPad and iPhones. So could Apple take over the smaller tablet market just as they have the tablet market?

Would you buy the iPad Mini just because it looks cute and is more portable than its sibling?

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