Apple iPad Mini: Everything To Know About This Pint-Sized Tablet

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The focus at the event of Apple which is to be held on the 12th September, two days away, will be the new iPhone 5. However there are also rumors of a new iPad mini floating around the internet and it is thought that it will rival the Nexus 7 tablet. Let’s check out all the iPad mini rumors to date in hopes that it may give us some clues of what to possibly expect on Wednesday.

iPad mini rumors roundup

9to5mac said that the iPad Mini would be 7.3 inches thick, 200.13mm long and 134.73mm wide with a screen of 7 inches. Gottabemobile seemed to confirm this when they released sample photos which were said to come from an Apple supply chain.

Sources have also said that the screen of the iPad mini would be closer to the edges than on any other iPad which means that the bezel will be a lot slimmer. It is also thought that the display will be Retina but there has also been a rumor of the screen having an IGZO display.

The new iPad Mini could have support for LTE and it should have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. If LTE was added then Apple could boost the pricing tiers.

Some are saying that the iPad mini will lack a rear camera and this was supported when photos were released, although around 99% of people said these were fake.

Apple promise that you will get around 10 hours battery with their products and so the iPad Mini should be able to manage this.

It is though that the device will have the smaller dock connector which has been rumored for the new iPhone 5. This would either be 19 pins or 9 pins, which means older accessories would not work on the new device.

There are rumors about the processor. This could be dual core A5X chip or even the A6 chip. However we will have to wait and see if this chip is included in the new iPhone 5 when it is released.

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