Apple iPad Mini: Where Art Thou?

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The recent Apple event will be remembered for the same as always, the superb devices that were announced and the things that were not. Some say that the new iPhone 5 is the best thing since the original iPhone while others say that Apple didn’t reveal anything innovative. One thing that did stand out was the lack of mention about an iPad Mini. So the question on everyone’s lips right now is will there be an iPad Mini and if so when?

iPad mini skips iPhone 5 event, is it still coming?

Bear in mind that Apple always choose their announcements very carefully, after all they only make a few each year. They have also become very predictable. Since being announced in the Spring of 2010, the iPad has got two updates, also announced in Spring. The third generation of the iPad came our way in March this year.

When it comes to their iPhones, all six of them, each of them have been further along in the year. Apple went 15 months in-between the iPhone 4 and the 4S and then the update was nothing to brag about. In fact it could have been released a lot sooner. However Apple chose to leave it until closer to the holiday period. Typically the new PCs and laptops come out when Apple hold their developers conference in June. However with them releasing the iPhone 5 in September they have now made announcements, which could be classed as being significant, in all quarters of this year, up to now. This only leaves Q4 left and what better time could there be for the launch of the iPad Mini?

Of course no mention of an iPad Mini last week did leave many disappointed. However Apple may want a dramatic entrance for their latest product and this points to it being close to the end of October. After all, with all those iPhone 5 leaks turning out to be deadly accurate, we’re sure the iPad mini wasn’t just something conjured up.

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