iPad Mini May Have One Major Shortcoming

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The iPad Mini could be at a disadvantage if the latest rumours are right in that it will only be offered in a Wi-Fi configuration.

iPad mini unlikely to be that 7-inch tablet to conquer them all

Earlier this week, we were discussing how an iPad Mini with 3G capabilities would blow the Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7 out of the water since they lacked Wi-Fi also.

The original iPad has 3G and Wi-Fi; however the 3G version came a month later than the Wi-Fi version. It is thought that Apple intends to attract consumers to the larger iPad mainly, with the iPad Mini being more like an iPod touch 5g is compared to the iPhone 5.

Consumers could find a lack of cellular connection very annoying, so let’s hope that Apple will stagger the release as they did with the first iPad along with the up-sell of $130, just as with the rest of the line of iPads.

Thanks to the size of the iPad mini, a cellular connection would be great, as consumers wanting something larger than their phone to surf would be attracted to it. It would also give the iPad Mini and edge over its competitors, Google and Amazon.


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