iPad Mini: Big Bad Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing?

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Steve jobs was very against designing a smaller iPad as he felt that it would detract from the user experience that the tablet offered. This could have been a wise decision if a recent video of the iPad Mini proves to be the real thing.

iPad mini: don’t let the name fool you

GizChina have said that they have a real mockup of the iPad Mini and what the device would look like, they also have a video of the device. However while the device does not work, it does at least tell us what to expect it to looks like when it launches.

The iPad Mini mockup is detailed, even down to the connector port, which has changed. What is surprising is that despite being called a Mini, it isn’t as small as the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and the Google Nexus 7. These both measure 7 inches, while the iPad Mini is thought to be around 7.85 inches. However this looks like it is even larger than that. It also looks as though it might be hard to hold in one hand.

Apple have never been ones to follow, however when it comes to the smaller tablet market, this is exactly what they are doing with the iPad Mini. If the mock-up of the new iPad Mini is true and this is the real device, Jobs may have been right and a 7-inch tablet would be “DOA” (dead on arrival).

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