iPad Mini: What Everyone’s Really Thinking

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The rumours about the iPad Mini from Apple came to fruition last night when they revealed the 7.9 inch tablet at their event. The device starts at $329 for the 16GB version with Wi-Fi only and those wanting the device can pre-order it from the 26th October and should get it on 2nd November.

While it is too soon to do a full fledged iPad Mini review, what we can do is gauge the initial reaction to the smaller iPad from around the web.

iPad Mini impressions from around the web

The 7.9 inch iPad Mini will compete with the Kindle Fire from Amazon at $199 and the Google Nexus 7 at $249 on the run up to Christmas. Analysis and opinions about the device are already beginning to come in and one of these was from Rhoda Alexander from HIS iSuppli who said that the iPad Mini is set to “turbo-charge the market for 7-inch tablets” and will help to double the number of sales of such devices in the remaining months of this year and through 2013.

Meanwhile Gene Munster, analyst with Piper Jaffray, said that “the whole competitive landscape of tablets just got turned upside down.” However Apple will enter their tablet into a market that is more competitive than the one they released their iPad into in 2010. There are tablets from competitors that are available on the market for $180 less than the iPad Mini. The iPad Mini will come onto the scene along with a brand new iPad 4, and hybrid devices like the Microsoft Surface RT. So just what is great about the iPad Mini, if anything?

Sarah Rotman Epps gave one of the more positive reviews of the mini tablet when she said: Apple’s execution dazzles. You pick up this device—which weighs only 0.68 pounds—and it feels feather-light, perfectly weight-balanced—and decidedly not made out of plastic, as its competitor devices are.

However not all first hand iPad Mini reviews were as pro Apple as this one. Trip Chowdhry had this to say about the iPad Mini: It’s just incremental improvements, nothing ground breaking, the best is over for Apple. The iPad mini is playing catch up to Google Android and probably will have a mediocre customer adoption.

This was mirrored by Ken Hess who said that Apple has a very large pair of brass iStones to have diluted the market to the point of ridiculous with the release of two new iPads barely seven months after launching its third-gen tablet.

Meanwhile Farhad Manjoo said: Thinness is … the iPad Mini’s most obvious virtue. Picking it up, I was impressed by how slight it felt compared to the full-sized iPad.

However this glowing statement was short lived as he followed it up rather quickly by saying that “overall, though, the mini’s design didn’t stand out to me,” and he added that at just $70 less than the cheapest full-sized iPad, it might be too steep for the screen real estate you’re giving up.

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