iPad Mini Retina & 324ppi Display: Overboard Or Justified?

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There are many people who have the Apple iPad Mini and now attention has been turned to its successor. Ever since the Apple iPad mini was introduced there was talk of a follow up with a retina display, as the original version lacked this. Now it is looking like the Apple iPad Mini 2 will indeed come with a Retina display of 324ppi. But how important is the display?

Since January of this year we told you that Apple was looking into a Retina display version of the Apple iPad Mini 2 and displays were being supplied to Apple, who would then test them. It seems that they are and only are the retina displays on their way but they are set to have 324ppi, which means that they would have more ppi than the iPad 4 with the Retina display, as this has 264ppi.

It has been said by sources who are close to Apple that the production of the Apple iPad 2 with the Retina display and 324ppi is being created by AU Optronics. The resolution of the Apple iPad Mini 2 Retina is said to be the same as the 4th gen iPad, which is 2048 x 1536 and this ppi happens to be four times that of the first Apple iPad Mini. The iPad Mini 2 would have a higher resolution than that of the Apple iPad 4 with the same resolution due to the smaller display.

Fans of Apple will be happy to hear that the Apple iPad Mini 2 with the retina display will have more ppi, however there is nothing wrong with the display on the first version of the Apple iPad Mini. However there are some people who have hung off from getting the device until the Retina display came. Nothing has been confirmed at the moment but the retina display does sound very likely.

So what do you think about a new Apple iPad Mini 2 with a retina display? If you own the first version are you kicking yourself at the thought of it being offered with a retina display?

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