iPad Mini Release Date Tipped For This Month

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With the iPhone 5 having been released we are now waiting for another rumored device said to be coming from Apple, the iPad mini. There is a rumour going around that Apple will be holding an event in October and that month has finally arrived whereby we hope to see the launch of the iPad Mini.

iPad mini release date tipped for October

AllThingsD have said that the iPad Mini would be released at its own event, after there was speculation that Apple would announce it alongside the iPhone 5. Many mock ups and leaks have appeared on the internet about the iPad Mini and these have shown us what the new device from Apple could look like. Obviously the tablet is smaller, with a screen that is narrower and it has the 16:9 ratio. Videos would look great on the 16:9 ratio, as they do on the iPhone 5.

It is thought that Apple will set the price at around $200, with some saying that $250 would be about right. This would allow Apple to compete with the likes of the Amazon Kindle Fire.

The iPad Mini, thanks to its smaller size, would be more portable than ever and you could still use it for everything you would the iPad. There may be two versions, one a Wi-Fi only and the other with a SIM card so that you can surf on 3G and even possibly LTE speeds. It will have iOS 6 running on it and probably will be powered by the new A6 processor of Apple.

We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that this is finally the month of the iPad mini.

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