iPad Mini Misses Boat, Delay Blamed On “Rounding”

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Apple are expected to release an iPad Mini and there have been many rumours and leaks surrounding the device. We have seen mock up devices and rumours that Apple may be about to send out invitations to the event launch.

iPad Mini release date may be pushed back

However PocketNow reports that it seems that this could all end up being delayed, after new rumours suggest that Apple have stopped production of the iPad Mini following some late design changes.

It is thought that the delay in production is due to Apple wanting to alter the shape of the casing of the iPad Mini, so that it takes on a more rounded appearance. At the moment no one knows if this is purely just for looks, or if there has been an issue with engineering that means a change is needed.

It seems odd that Apple would make changes this late in the game; however we cannot dismiss them outright. So for the moment we can only speculate about what effect this delay may have, if in fact there is a delay and the iPad Mini is not going to be announced just yet.

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