Apple iPad Mini Launches Oct 17, In Stores On November 2nd [REPORT]

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Apple will be releasing their smaller iPad, the iPad mini in around two weeks, suggests reports by ComputerWorld. This means that the mini tablet could be on the shelves in very early November, in plenty of time for the holiday season.

iPad mini release date pegged for in mid-November (report)

The rumour about the iPad mini started in a column at Fortune. A source, said to be a major investor of Apple, said that the invitations for the launch of the iPad mini would be sent out on the 10th October and that this would signify an event date for around the 17th October, and possibly the device could go on sale on the 2nd of November.

These dates have been predicted based on practices of Apple in the past. In the past they have sent out invitations one week, then held the event in the middle of the week that follows and finally have begun selling the product by the Friday of the following week.  This timeline was followed by Apple last month when the sent out invites on the 4th of September, held the event on the 12th September and started selling the iPhone 5 on 21st September.

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