iPad Mini: Reasons Why You Should Get One

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Why wouldn’t you want an iPad Mini, it is a superb device. The device comes with a great crisp display of 7.85 inches, but it isn’t Retina, it is slim, compact and light and you get access to all the iOS apps. So therefore it’s easy to want an iPad Mini, even though you don’t have to have it. One of the lets downs is the price which is around $329 and upwards, and of course this can mean it is hard to justify why you should get one.

iPad Mini: typical reasons why you’d want one

The first reason why you should invest in the iPad Mini is the fact that this is a tablet that you could take anywhere. The tablet is mini in size but it comes with 4G LTE, so you could use it anywhere. This means that you could use it to find movies to watch after dinner, along with finding restaurants. You could even use the tablet to work on if you have a Dropbox account and Pages for $10.

You could do any of the above with a laptop or tablet of full size, however with the iPad Mini it is easier as it is more portable.

You could use the iPad Mini as a second monitor when you are not working on your own computer and you are used to using two monitors. You could use the iPad Mini for doing research, for instance, while using Word on a laptop and swap between the two screens, even having the same documents open and copying and pasting between the two.

You could use the 4G LTE as a GPS device. The 7.85 inch display would let you seen where you were going very easily and is great for looking at maps. RoadMate is a great addition for $50, while Waze provides turn by turn directions and is free. Waze has been optimised for the iPad Mini display. Google did release a new Google maps app with turn by turn; however this is not optimised for use on the iPad.

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