iPad Mini Price May Take A Healthy Dip In April

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If you are hard up for cash and you are an Apple fan then you generally have two choices if you want to get your hands on Apple devices. These are buying from authorised retailers who are running discounts or waiting for refurbishments to arrive in the Apple Store. Refurbs from Apple are some of the best in the industry and they have a 1 year warranty.

iPad Mini: cheaper option likely available around April onwards

The Apple iPad Mini is coming up to its 3 month anniversary and consumers are hoping that some of the first refurbishments will be making their way to stores soon. So what kind of discounts might we see?

To predict this you have to take a look at the Apple iPad 2 as when it comes to hardware the two are almost the same. They have the same 1024 x 768 resolution along with the dual core A5 processor.

The Apple iPad came out during March of 2011 and then six months after we saw the first refurbished units in the Apple Store. However these were only the top end 64GB Wi-Fi models. The price of these had been reduced around 7% to $649. The 16GB Wi-Fi version arrived around one month later with 10% off at around $449.

This means that we could see the refurbished Apple iPad Mini in stores around April or May. The Apple iPad Mini is $329 at the moment and 10% off this would make it $296, which may be rounded to $299. If Apple priced on the aggressive side then it would be around $289.

Of course there are rumours of an Apple iPad 2 Mini so what might happen if this comes out? The Apple iPad 2 was ousted by the 3rd gen but it remained with a lower price. This meant the refurbished pads went down very fast.

So you could look at the Apple iPad 3 with Retina which wasn’t refurbished until the Apple iPad 4 was revealed in October. Refurbished Apple iPad 3s then had 24% off with a price of $379. The same could apply to the Apple iPad Mini which may come in at $249.

The estimates for the discounts are based on the 1 year cycle of the Apple iPad Mini of course. However Apple has been unpredictable with their updates. As the Apple iPad Mini is a new category for Apple then we could see refurbished devices sooner or later. There has been talk of the Apple iPad Mini 2 coming out in July and it could follow the trends of the iPad 3.

The refurbished prices of Apple have always been reliable but they are modest. We might see the Apple iPad Mini refurbishment before a refresh; however you could then expect them to offer them for 10% discount which would put them at $299. As these would sell fast you might want to set up an email alert if you want to get your hands on one.

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