iPad Mini Price List Leaked, 8 Models Available Starting At $320 For 8GB WiFi-Only?

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A leaked screenshot from an inventory system has been posted online, showing the pricing for the new iPad Mini from Apple with a display of 7 inches.

iPad Mini price and models leaked

ZDNET reports that if the intel is correct then the iPad Mini would have a base price, for the 8GB Wi-Fi, of 249 euros or around $320. The screenshot is said to come from an inventory system used in Europe and Asia. The new iPad Mini will be in competition with the likes of tablets from Google and Amazon, Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD, who at the moment dominate the 7 inch tablet market.

Bear in mind that the iPad Mini was thought to have no cellular connection, however the pricing shows that Apple have a cellular version of the device coming out which is great news. Another thing to consider is whether the device will have 3G or 4G connectivity. Apple may want to avoid having to make different LTE versions of the iPad Mini for different cellular networks. However as mentioned before, it seems that Apple plan on releasing the device with some type of cellular connection.

There is not much difference between the price of the 7 inch iPad Mini and the new 4 inch iPod Touch. The iPad 3 has a starting price of $499 and the iPad 2 starts at $399. If Apple wants to compete then the ideal price would have to be below $299. The 4 inch iPod Touch starts at $299, which is not that far from the $320 of the iPad Mini.

Apple could choose to sell the iPad Mini at a loss, as Amazon has done, or maybe at a fraction of the profit of the iPad or iPod Touch. On the other hand they could push up the price of the iPad Mini to ensure modest profits and try to keep a balance across the range of their iOS devices.

iPad Mini price list`

iPad Mini price list

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