iPad Mini Snapped By Paparazzi In All Its Glory? [PICS LEAKED]

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The rumored iPad Mini was nowhere to be seen at the recent Apple event. This was perhaps due to the fact that Tim Cook wanted to keep all the focus on the iPhone 5. However it doesn’t mean that the iPad Mini is not going to come as there have been new leaked photos making their rounds on the Web today.

Supposed iPad mini pictures pop up on the web reports that one site said the photos show a complete working iPad Mini (see below). However the screen is blank and doesn’t light up and this suggests that it could show just a print of what it would look like if the tablet was actually working. Another thing that is suspicious is the fact that there is a hole on the back panel at the top.

The camera which faces the front is also questionable. It should be located on the centre of the bezel at the top in the same way as on other iPads. The YouTube icon is also visible on the screen but this has been removed from iOS 6. The iPad Mini is thought to be released with iOS 6. Nevertheless it is thought that the photograph could have been taken before the update. So what we could be looking at here is an iPad Mini prototype and not likely the production model just yet.

If the iPad Mini is to be launched in October this will be around the time that Microsoft will be ready to launch Windows 8 with a couple of their Surface tablets. All we can do now is wait for confirmation from Apple that the iPad Mini is coming our way.

iPad Mini

iPad Mini

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