Shrinking Apples: 2 Other Minis Join iPad Mini Event?

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As well as the smaller iPad Mini, Apple is reportedly planning to unveil a new version of the Mac Mini. Sources close to the company seem to think that these smaller Macs will have two standard configurations, with different processor and storage options. There’ll also be a third model that runs on OS X server.

iPad Mini to be joined by Mac Mini & 13″ MacBook Pro Retina?

It’s thought that these new Mac Mini models will start shipping straight after the official announcement. Apple’s last redesign of the Mac mini was in 2010, and we saw an aluminium unibody enclosure. The company last updated the device last summer, giving it faster processors.

The current crop of minis are using last-gen chipsets and lack the USB 3.0 port, so hopefully this new set will be updated.

As reported earlier this week, Apple also is rumored to release a Retina version of the 13” MacBook Pro. The company’s next media event is going to be on Tuesday October 23 which top sources like Reuters and Bloomberg are confident is for the iPad Mini unveiling.


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