iPad Mini Confirmed; Not Part Of iPod Family After All [REPORT]

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Apple seem to like the name iPad Mini after all. Apple blog Macotakara has said that this will be the official name of the new smaller iPad based on their inside sources. The iPad Mini will have a 7.85 inch display and it will of course have the famous logo of the iPad on the back.

iPad mini is final name, won’t join iPhone 5 at launch (report)

Speculations suggest that the new iPad mini will be launched in October. Rumors were going around that it would be revealed at the same time as the iPhone 5, which is expected to happen on the 12th of September but now Apple are thought to be revealing it at a separate event.

There was a rumor that was going around that the iPad mini would look like a large iPod Touch but with a thinner border and separate buttons for the volume, hence why speculations that it could be long to the iPod family instead.

It is thought that the Mini version of the iPad may not have the Retina screen of the larger iPads and this would help to keep down the cost of the device. More than likely it will be in the price range of the Google Nexus 7 or the Kindle Fire from Amazon at $199.


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