iPad Mini iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak: Not When But If

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Apple iOS 6 jailbreak hopefuls have been waiting patiently for the jailbreak to arrive. They want to know where things stand right now for the jailbreak for the Apple iPad Mini.

The developers have been working on the jailbreak for iOS 6 and of course people generally think of jailbreaking for Apple iPhones first, but if it occurs it will likely mean that all iOS 6 devices (iPad and iPod touch models) will follow.

Therefore when the jailbreak is revealed for the Apple iPhone 5 it should also worked on the Apple iPad 3 and 4, along with the Apple iPad Mini, as all of these devices run on iOS 6.

PlanetBeing and Pod2g along with other developers are working on the untethered jailbreak but they have not said anything about which devices the jailbreak will work on. So why is this contrary to previous jailbreaks where they generally cover the whole gambit of iOS devices?

Rulings regarding jailbreaking have changed and of course this could mean that the jailbreak may not be seen on the Apple iPad 4 or the iPad Mini, at least not officially. The ruling from October means that the Apple iPad Mini and other iPads isn’t covered in the exemptions of the DMCA.

This means that while it is legal to jailbreak the Apple iPhone 5, the Apple iPad and the Apple iPad Mini cannot legally be jailbroken.

So while and iOS 6 untethered jailbreak will likely arrive inside the next 6 months as Pod2g puts it, the fate of the iPad and iPad mini models are dicey.

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