iPad Mini Event: First Official Pictures Of Mystery Device!

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Alright folks, it is time to place your bets! What you see below is the first pictures of the mystery device Apple is going to unveil at this event.

Mystery device on podium at iPad Mini event

While the general word around the web is that this event is for the iPad Mini, rumors suggest we may see more things such as a new MacBook Pro Retina, Mac Mini and possible iMac.

Now judging by the size of that display, we’re guessing it is something big. And given that it is on the podium, it may be the first thing to be unveiled. We are expecting Apple to unveil the iPad Mini first so it is strange that whatever this is, that it looks huge.

So what do you think this is? Could it be the Apple HDTV? Too small right? Tim Stevens of Engadget predicts it is likely a small TV or a large desktop display covered in a black cloth — or a new iMac? Check out the picture below.

iPad Mini event

iPad Mini event

Update: Still no clue to what this is as Tim Cook is on the stage talking about the success of the iPhone 5, iPod touch 5G and adoption of iOS 6 among existing Apple product users. Hang in there folks, we’ll soon find out!

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