iPad Mini & iPhone 5 Battery Life Tanks After iOS 6.0.2 (Report)

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It appears that the recent iOS 6.0.2 update may do more harm than good for iPad Mini and iPhone 5 users.

iOS 6.0.2 update causing battery issues with iPhone 5 & iPad Mini?

According tot he folks over at Tidbits, there have been “unusual battery drains” with regards to the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini after the iOS 6.0.2 update. A quick check on Twitter suggests that this problem may be more widespread than first expected as there are many users complaining of the excess battery drain.

ZDNet for one suggests that Apple is aware of this already and are working on another update to remedy the issue for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini users. So if you haven’t updated yet, don’t. There could be an updated to this update coming very shortly.

Many blogs are speculating that this new battery life issue is somehow related to the WiFi bug that has plagued iOS 6 users. Over at Product-Reviews, they recently tested an iPhone 5 with and without the update using an overnight standby test. Both iPhone 5 handsets were charged to 100 percent and then left alone overnight. The iPhone 5 running iOS 6 had 98 percent battery life remaining the next morning while the latter with iOS 6.0.2 dropped to 89 percent.

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