iPad Mini Is An iPhone 5, What You Want Is The iPad Air!

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It is almost certain that Apple will reveal their iPad Mini at their event today; however what we don’t know is what the device will be called. There have been a lot of rumours about the device name, with some saying that it will be the iPad Air.

iPad Mini or iPad Air: which sounds better

Now this name has been more popular than the iPad Mini name and was even suggested so by Apple’s unofficial PR John Gruber. It would make sense though as calling it an iPad Mini would be ridiculous given that the iPad itself was once dubbed a giant iPhone. This would make the iPad Mini an iPhone 5 in that respect!

So could the latest creation from Apple by way of the iPad be the iPad Air, or some other name like iPad Pocket, iPad 3.5, etc? The Air would make a great deal of sense, as this is what Apple use on some of their thinnest and lightest products, which by all accounts, the smaller iPad would come under.

The crew over at Gizmodo had some other ideas for names of the upcoming “iPad Mini” and these included the iPad Lite, DemiPad, Diet iPad, iPad Zero and Tinipad. Some of the more bizarre names were iPad DS, Smaller iPad Bigger Heart and iPad for Little Baby Girls!

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