iPad Mini: You’ll Want One Even If You Doubt It Now

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An Apple event is just around the corner and it is thought that Apple will release the iPad Mini. The tablet is thought to be a 7 or 8 inch iPad, which will take on competitors such as the Kindle Fire HD from Amazon and the Google Nexus 7.

iPad Mini has its advantages

There are plenty of rumours going around as always, about new products from Apple and it has been said that the iPad Mini will change the tablet game. One thing that makes Apple stand out with their iPads is the amount of high quality apps that are available. Another reason they are so popular is the fact that they have Microsoft Exchange support, which has improved over time. However these are not the reasons why it will change the game, but the price of the device is.

It is thought that it will be around $250 to $300, while other tablets are in the price range of $200 to $250. Therefore to be competitive the iPad Mini would need to be around $250. So if you work with a company that allows you to bring your own tablet, then the economical iPad Mini would be the perfect choice as you will have the same iOS and apps that others use (of course if you work somewhere that chooses Android or Windows as a norm then you would have to think again).

The current iPad of course is a phenomenal tool not only for students but executives. Its great battery life, access to a ton of high quality apps and of course its portability make it ideal for work and play. The previous drawback to the iPad has always been price. And its 9.7-inch form factor gave way to other smaller tablets which allowed executives and students to get by with something more portable without having to resort to “manbags” or large purses.

If you’re in the market for a tablet, hang on for the iPad mini. If the rumors serve true, it may just outshine all other tablets on the market right now.

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