iPad Mini Accessories Hits Best Buy Early [PICS]

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There have been numerous rumours about the iPad Mini for several weeks now. Now it seems that there is proof of their being a iPad Mini as accessories along with displays for stores have arrived at Best Buy ready for its launch reports PhonesReview.

iPad Mini accessories & display spotted at Best Buy

Over the last few days images of the prototype of the iPad Mini were seen and rumour has it that it will be released on 23rd October. It seems that an accessory maker from Asia is prepared for the release of the device, along with Cygnett. More than 20 manufacturers have accessories ready for when the device is launched.

Brian White, analyst with Topeka Capital Markets has met with makers of accessories and has seen them packaged and ready to ship. The analyst even got his hands on a pilot iPad Mini and said that it fits in the pocket very easily. Branches of Best Buy have started to receive packages, which are said to be the store displays for the accessories. The boxes state that they must not be opened yet and this signifies that the iPad Mini can’t be too far away.

On the other hand one manufacturer has stopped with production of accessories due to hearing about a change in the design from Apple. This could have occurred as Apple are known for their secrecy about products and so often make last minute changes.

iPad Mini

iPad Mini

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