iPad Mini 4 vs iPad Pro vs iPad Air 2: But Which Is The Boss?

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The choice between tablets used to be very easy; there was the iPad or Android tablets to choose from. Today there are many choices as there are different iOS tablets to choose from.

One of the latest on the market is the iPad Pro. But which tablet comes out on top, the iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro or the iPad Air 2?

The iPad Pro is actually the best choice if money is no object. But if you are on a budget then this will not be the best for you.

The iPad Pro is the most powerful of the tablets but then it is bigger than both the iPad Mini 4 and the iPad Air 2. It is the most expensive and it isn’t easy to carry around. Perhaps it would be better comparing it to a laptop rather than a tablet.

If you don’t mind carrying it around then the iPad Pro may be the best, otherwise go for the iPad Mini or the iPad Air 2.