iPad 3 Users Screwed By Early iPad 4, Called Stupid If Consider Nexus 7

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Some people are feeling a little let down as Apple have released another version of the iPad, just eight months following their last refresh of the New iPad with the retina display.

New iPad 3 users surprised as iPad 4 launches alongside iPad Mini

Alongside the iPad Mini yesterday, Apple launched the iPad 4th generation that has slightly upgraded specs over the New iPad.

While iPad 3 users were cringing already at the thought of an iPad Mini coming just months later after they purchased their tablet, they were some how satisfied that they would always have a bigger screen. And if they needed the portability, they could opt for something cheaper like the Google Nexus 7 since they already owned a primary tablet. Well Apple really knows how to stick it.

Not only did Apple unveil an iPad 4 way ahead of schedule (expected in March or April 2013 only) but they also pointed out how it would stupid to buy a Google Nexus 7. In case you missed the Apple event yesterday, the tablet on their slideshow that Tim Cook and Phil Schiller were mocking was the Google Nexus 7.

On paper the Google Nexus 7 looks better in fact and cheaper. The only downside would be that it doesn’t have access to the the great tablet-optimized apps in the App Store. But that is pretty much where it stops.

If there is any consolation, CNET have reported that at least one of the Apple Stores that they checked with are offering free upgrades to owners who bought a 9.7 inch New iPad ‘3’ in the last 30 days. However don’t expect this to happen in all Apple stores as the manager of the Apple store on 5th Avenue in NY said that it wasn’t a companywide policy. It is up to individual stores whether they want to offer the extended exchange period or not.

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