iPad Mini Untethered Jailbreak May Crash Into Legal Wall

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Where is this untethered jailbreak for the iPad Mini and iOS 6? There’s an iOS 6 jailbreak on the way, as early as tomorrow, and while everyone’s been waiting for the iPhone 5 jailbreak, it’s believed that this solution will also work on iPads as well.

iOS 6 untethered jailbreak status for iPad Mini, iPad 3 & iPad 4

The iPad iOS 6 jailbreak is likely to come out with the iOS 6 jailbreak – whenever this actually happens. It’s believed that this jailbreak will be for the iPad 3, the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini.

Previous jailbreaks have all worked on the iPhone and the iPad, including the jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1. Right now, the only jailbreak that’s out is for for older devices on iOS 6, like the iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch.

Now there’s one barrier to an iPad Mini jailbreak, though – new rulings. A ruling out last October declared that tablets were not among the DMCA exceptions.

So, it’ll be legal to jailbreak the iPhone 5, but not an iPad 4 or a Mini. We don’t know if this will stymie an iPad jailbreak, though.

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