Apple Soft Launches Matte-Black iPad Mini 2, In Stores By Spring

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While we have been waiting to see hints of an iPad Mini 2 what just happened today morning has tech outlets in a dizzy.

SidhTech reports that Apple have gone ahead and had a soft launch for the iPad Mini 2. The successor to the current small tablet was revealed in matte black cladding along with a press release hinting at a Spring release date.

The blog didn’t have anything else to add so we’re hoping that Apple follows up and reveals more details about the iPad Mini 2. As for the earlier launch, the iPad ‘4’ did arrive less than a year after its predecessor so it is not so shocking that the iPad Mini has a replacement already. Check out the press release images below.

iPad Mini 2

iPad Mini 2

Update: Sorry folks but all this has been chalked up to be an April Fool’s prank by the guys over at SidhTech! There is no iPad Mini 2 press release or any announcement madeby Apple today. Nice one..

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