iPad Death Watch: 3 Years Running Makes This Slow & Painful?

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The Street said “Behold the Apple iFlop”, while Bill Gates said that “it wasn’t there just yet.” Paul Thurrott said that “it was a trinket that was high priced” and DanLyons felt let down. Eric Schimdt “didn’t work out the difference between a large handset and tablet,” while John Dvorak said that “anyone under the age of 30 would not want one.”

These were just some of the better things that were said about the Apple iPad, which came out into the world three years ago.

The above quotes came from AAPLInvestors who paid a tribute to anti-iPad and the collection has since grown. When we took a look there was around a dozen quotes and now there are 234 of them, each having being annotated with dates, names and links that are live.

The iPad Death Watch of Gregory is like a trip down memory lane, except for the fact that it’s a long road that doesn’t seem to have any end to it. Apple must be smiling right about now.

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