[PICS] World’s First iPad Case With Built-In SplashGuard… Oh & An Attached Toilet

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We’ve seen a lot of weird accessories for iOS products like the iPhone and iPad before but this one certainly takes the cake!

iPotty iPad case with built in toilet

Over at CES 2013 last week, we got our first glimpse of the iPotty, an iPad ‘case’ that basically feature an attached toilet with a built-in splashguard. As you would expect, the latter is to prevent any terrible accidents while on the job.

Now before you get too excited, we must tell you that the iPotty is only for kids. It is basically a potty training accessory which keeps the young ones entertained while they relieve themselves.

The iPotty  is by CTA Digital and will set you back. It boasts an adjustable, rotating iPad stand, removable screen cover and splashguard as we mentioned above. It will be available in February.



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