iPad Robbing Men Of Their Masculinity [SURVEY]

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Manbag sales have soared through the window due to the fact that men have to have something in which to carry around their iPads suggests a new report. Meanwhile it appears that bags for women are getting smaller than they used to be. So is the iPad bringing out the feminine side of men?

iPad linked to skyrocketing of manbag sales

The Daily Mail has revealed that manbags sales have risen by 2,700%, due to the fact that they want something to carry their iPads and other gadgets in. women’s bags have shrunk by around 61%, making manbags heavier than womens. This is said to be due to the fact that gadgets aimed at women are becoming smaller.

It seems that the Daily Mail are saying that men choose large girlie bags and women don’t have the need for large bags. Of course a better answer would be that women have separate bags for tech and this is the reason why smaller handbags are preferred.

There are many that hate to see men walking down the street with a large bag over their shoulder, while some think it’s a fashion statement. What are your thoughts? Should men be carrying manbags for their iPad or should they stick to using laptop bags and briefcases?

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