iPad Air 3 First Up To Bat In 2016

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Apple fans, rejoice (again). There’s another iPad coming your way and it might be sooner than you think (if they aren’t going to delay the release dates again). More reports have been swirling in suggesting that the iPad Air 3 may in fact be released in March of this year, despite Apple’s unveiling of the iPad Pro just few months ago.

Sure, the fans might have been expecting for Apple to launch its iPad Air 3 in Apple’s Sept.9 event last year, but the company came out with the iPad Mini 4 and the iPad Pro instead. Not a bad idea, actually. Since it’s still 2 months away from the alleged release date, let’s talk about the rumours that are circling around the tech industry.

There have been reports claiming that the iPad Air 3 will be powered by the A9X processor and will have an 8MP rear-facing camera, a 2.1-MP front-facing camera, a fingerprint sensor and a 9.7-inch 4K display. All these features are so commonplace they can’t really go anywhere further, eh? But take this: it’s also rumoured to be water- and dust-resistant. Now, Apple has never failed in giving surprises, so we’re hopeful this could happen.

Are you excited to see the iPad Air 3 that’s happening anytime soon? Tell us what you’d rather the device have that could stand out from the crowd.

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