iPad Air 2, iPad Pro or iPad Mini 4: Which Comes Out Ahead?

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Some years ago choosing a tablet wasn’t that difficult as you could go with Android or you could go with the iPad on iOS. However today there are many different iOS tablets to choose from, but which would you choose?

Among the latest of the iOS tablets is the iPad Pro, but does this mean that this is the best one to choose? So which would you go for, would it be the iPad Air 2, the iPad Pro or the iPad Mini 4?

If you have a budget that you need to stick with then you might want to give the iPad Pro a miss as it is the most expensive. However some people do say that this is the best tablet from Apple.

The iPad Pro is a large and very powerful tablet but then it is heavy to carry around with you. the iPad Air and the iPad Mini 4 are two both smaller and this could be a great choice if you do plan on going out and about with it.

Perhaps the iPad Pro would be the best compared with a laptop instead of a tablet due to the fact that it is the heaviest to carry around.

However if you do want a tablet that can do just about anything and everything then you may want to go with the iPad Pro. If you just want to check a few emails then the iPad Mini or the iPad Air 2 may be the better choice.