iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro: Which Comes Out Ahead?

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Some years ago it was a lot easier to choose a tablet as you could go for one of the Android tablets or you could choose the iPad. Now though it is a lot different as there are different iOS tablets to choose from, including the iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4 and the iPad Air 2.

The latest tablet from Apple is the iPad Pro but just because it is new doesn’t mean that it is the best. In fact those on a budget may wish to avoid it.

The iPad Pro is a powerful tablet but it is one that is heavy to carry around. If you want something more portable then you might want to check out the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 4.

The iPad Pro may be better compared with a laptop than a tablet as it is heavier and it is able to do just about anything.

If you want something that can do just about anything a laptop can then you might go for the iPad Pro. If you want something easier to carry around then it may be the iPad Mini or the iPad Air 2.