Why You Probably Don’t Need An iPad

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Tablets have come a long way since they were first introduced and needed a stylus and worked on Windows. These were once only used by professionals and today they are found in homes around the world along with small businesses. But do you really need a tablet like the iPad?

iPad: Does it serve a purpose?

So could you manage to get through life if you didn’t have an iPad? Or have tablets become a necessity?

Tablets like the iPad, while being fun to use are still considered by many to be a luxury and therefore it is not really something that you need, but more something that you would like. Just about everything you could do with an iPad you could do with an iPhone or a laptop. On saying this tablets for some have replaced their laptop or desktop PC, after all you cannot carry around a desktop PC. iPads on the other hand can be slipped into a bag and can be taken anywhere.

Microsoft firmly believes that tablets will take over from laptops for the majority of individuals but then again they are releasing the Surface tablets which come with a keyboard, mouse and USB ports for expanding storage. While this will not happen immediately there are changes taking place on Windows for this.

The iPad of course can manage a range of tasks from web browsing to editing videos, however for the moment they cannot do all the things that desktop computers and apps can on Mac OS X. For the majority of individuals it may be 5 years away from the tablet being a necessity. Unless of course you think otherwise, is there anything that can be done with an iPad that you wouldn’t be able to do just as easy using your laptop or your smartphone?

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