You Have 8hrs To Return The iPad Accessory You Got For Xmas!

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A Consumerist reader bought an Apple iPad sleeve in the Christmas clearance sale over at Target. However there was something she noticed later that may be a little strange.

Target: 8 hours to return iPad sleeve in case you change your mind

The receipt she received after the purchase of the iPad sleeve showed a return window of just 8 hours. So what if she bought the wrong iPad sleeve? Well Target says that is too bad, unless she realises this within time. The reader purchased the sleeve late on 4th January and had until the 5th to return it.

She said that she had bought the sleeve and then when making her way home she found out that the return was limited to the same day that she bought it.

It seems that the short return time was due to the fact that it was from the Neiman Marcus collection and items from them have to go back to Neiman Marcus after 5th January.

So the next time you buy something over at Target make sure you check your receipt for the return window. Different items do in fact have different durations.

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