iPad 4 vs Surface RT: Microsoft Whole Generation Behind Apple [EG]

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There has been a whole lot said about the Microsoft Surface by way of reviews. The majority of these reviews give praise to the tablet in most areas, however now we take a look at some of the reviews which didn’t put the tablet in good light, and they did not hold back with the comments in any way either.

EG’s Microsoft Surface reviews holds back no punches

Of course it’s only natural that the Microsoft Surface would be compared to the iPad 4 from Apple. However when compared with the best from Apple the Surface was found to be under par on nearly all levels reports EuroGamer. There was a lot of praise given about the kickstand on the Surface. However it was said to lack flexibility. Perhaps this was the reason why Apple didn’t put one on their iPad 4?

Eurogamer said that the user interface on the device, Metro, is classy and provides an alternative that is rich when compared with iOS and Android. However for around $499 they say that the tablet isn’t worth it and Microsoft still have lots of work to do with it, if they want people to move away from the iPad.

When it comes to the gaming potential of the Surface, the review was stinging. It said that the Surface was unable to play even the simplest of games, such as Fruit Ninja, without the tablet dropping frames. The tablet does come with the quad core Tegra 3 processor, so what gives here we are not sure. Eurogamer summed up the tablet by saying that designers of the hardware had not even been bothered about the tablet operating as a gaming device and suggested that overall the tablet was a whole generation behind Apple’s iPad.

So if you were considering the Microsoft Surface with the aim of playing games on it, you may wish to check out EG’s whole review first.

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