iPad 4 Review: Should You Get One?

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We recently reviewed the iPad 3 and while it did give a thorough run through of the new hardware in the iPad 4, it left out the answer to one important question. If you are the owner of the iPad ‘3’ which Apple revealed in March, should you upgrade? The new iPad may be twice as fast at the 3rd gen one, however the iPad 3 is still considered one of the fastest tablets out there. Let’s take a look at some highlights of our iPad 4 review to see if we can answer that question directly.

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The front camera on the iPad 4 has been updated but this is not reason alone to pay out to upgrade to the latest version, for most users anyway. The other change is the Lightning port and this is a downside as at the moment there are no compatible docks and accessories on the market.

The iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini make the other devices look like they should go on a diet, however they need size thanks to the horsepower, along with the large battery, that are needed to run the Retina display. So don’t discredit the iPad 4 because it didn’t slim down enough.

If you want a new tablet and the iPad Mini is too small, then the iPad 4 is the ideal solution. However if you bought the 3rd generation of the iPad in March, you might want to give the 4th gen a miss.

The pros for the iPad 4 include: an A6X chip ensures fast performance; the device has the same amount of battery life as its predecessor despite the upgrades; the Retina display is superb; and it has one of the biggest ecosystems of any tablet.

The disadvantaages of the iPad Mini include: it weighs as much as the 3rd gen device; the upgrade cycle has been cut short; and accessories for the Lightning connector are absent.

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