iPad 4 Pictures Leaked! Is That A HD Camera Up Front?

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Photos have purportedly been leaked online of the 9.7 inch retina screen iPad 4 and it seems that there is a larger cut out for the front facing camera. This suggests that Apple may have upgraded the tablet to have an HD camera on the front suggests CNET.

Is this the iPad 4?

Many of the rumours surrounding the event which Apple is to hold tomorrow are focused on the iPad Mini. However there are some that are talking about a new normal sized iPad coming out too. Photos appeared online last week which suggested that the New iPad has had a face lift and will have new components inside. Today pictures have showed up of what could be the new display of the iPad 4.

The pictures appear to show a front facing camera cut out that is larger. BGR said that this could mean that the device may have a larger sensor and it could have the 1.2 megapixel FaceTime HD camera on the front that comes with the iPod Touch and the iPhone 5.

If the new 9.7 inch retina display iPad 4 is revealed tomorrow, it is thought that it will have the Lightning connector that Apple put into their new iPhone 5. It is also thought that the cost of the iPad 4 will be around the same as the previous version. Apple may also have made the device lighter and they could have improved the LED backlight, all of which were issues on the earlier generation retina display product.

At the moment it is unclear whether the photos of the display assembly is for the iPad 4, which Apple may reveal at their upcoming event today, or whether it is for a tablet that Apple will launch next year.

iPad 4 pictures

iPad 4 pictures

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