iPad 4 Battery Tips: How To Get More From Your iPad

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One of the best tablets on the market is the Apple iPad 4. It comes with the retina display, has quad cores, a GPU that is powerful and LTE. However it does drain battery faster than  its predecessor. This can be seen in tests on daily use as the Apple iPad 4 will last 5 hours and the Apple iPad 2 keeps going for around 7 hours. If you want to boost the battery life here are some tips.

Lower the brightness of the display to save battery life. You can do this in the settings.

Turn off location services in the settings and check that this is disabled for all apps that you don’t need it on for.

LTE drains the battery and so you could turn this off if you don’t plan on using it.

Make sure that you overcharge the iPad, as while your indicator could be telling you that the battery is full you should be able to charge it further. For instance the iPad may only have charged 90% and it could be telling you that it is fully charged.

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