iPad 2 Or iPad 3: Which Should You Buy?

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The New iPad 3 is the most massive upgrade to the iPad ever since its inception two year ago. Better in just about every way compared to the iPad 2, the question however is whether it is worth the extra dough. And at the same time, if you already own an iPad 2 is it worth upgrading to the iPad 3? Let’s explore.

New iPad 3 or iPad 2: which is a smarter buy?

The biggest selling point of the New iPad ’3′ would be its Retina Display. With vivid colours and sharper details than on the iPad 2, its screen resolution falls somewhere between standard-definition and high-definition. With just one glance, you will see the huge difference between both generation Apple tablets. It also has a few other strong points behind it including being able to connect to LTE networks as a 4G hotspot, and a better camera. However, if you’re on AT&T then there is no LTE New iPad 3 option just yet. And if you are on Verizon, do take note that it is quite easy (and expensive) to consume your LTE data at a faster rate than 3G, with many users reporting that they hit their caps within days of using media streaming apps (the New iPad 3 is after all a media consumption device).

Aside from LTE and better screen resolution, we have a better camera. The importance of this once again varies on an individual to individual basis. Do you use FaceTime? Do you take pictures with your 9.7-inch tablet? If the answer to both of these are no then you have eliminated the major uses for a better camera on the New iPad 3.

Other upgrades include the faster processor and quad-core graphics processing which is great for games. Now I don’t know anyone who doesn’t play games on their iPad but it is important to note that it will be a couple of months before most developers update their apps (and release new high quality titles) that can truly take advantage of the next-generation tablet’s newfound capabilities. So we will have to wait and see exactly what this tablet is capable of that the iPad 2 wasn’t.

So we’ve seen what the New iPad 3 excels at. Now lets look at the reasons why you would instead want to settle for an iPad 2. For starters, it costs less ($399 for the 16GB model). It also is lighter. The new iPad is 1.4 pounds, while the iPad 2 is 1.33 pounds. A noticeable difference when using it with one hand. Moving on, the a recent test by the folks over at PCWorld found that the iPad 2 can last 7 hours, 37 minutes while playing a video continuously, however the the New iPad 3 could only hold out for 5 hours, 41 minutes in real-world testing. Lastly, you will find a lot more apps ‘accommodating’ to the lower resolution of the iPad 2 than New iPad 3 which was released just last month.

So while you would have expected that the New iPad 3 launch would make the iPad 2 obsolete, that is nowhere near the case. If anything, you can save that $100 now and opt for the iPad 4 next year when the iPad 2 will certainly feel outdated and due for an upgrade.

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