If iOS 7 Is Half This Good Then Sign Me Up For WWDC 2013!

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iOS happens to be among the most popular of operating systems and it is the smoothest. There are some people that have said that it has grown stagnant and that is hasn’t changed that much.

Jony Ive is at the helm and fans hope that some changes will be made. A video has been uploaded showing what iOS 7 could look like and it comes with many improvements, including better notification, multi-tasking and Social Hub.

Apple doesn’t seem to like changes very much and due to this jailbreakers have been helping owners make their devices better with jailbreaks. Apple did make some changes, however Apple Maps wasn’t so good. Multi-tasking is incomplete as is notifications and Game Center.

The concept about iOS 7 is one of the best and notifications have been enriched along with apps offering interactive experiences. The Notification Centres arrangement takes on a whole new level of functionality.

You no longer have to make upward swipes for the multi-task bar and it has a more Expose interface. From here you can check which apps you have open. If this was included in iOS 7 it would be a superb feature.

The Social Hub is what makes it stand out and it makes chatting with friends a superb experience. Facebook and Twitter integration is also much better and Social Hub keeps everything in the same place.

There is little doubt that the Notification Centre is the winner here and we do hope that this will be seen when iOS 7 is released.

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