No iOS 6 For iPad But Yes For iPhone 3GS, Here’s Why… Probably

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Today sees the start of Apple’s WWDC 2012 event and links have been seen online for the download of the iOS 6 Beta for a handful of devices, reports iPodNN. At the moment it appears that the original iPad along with the 3rd generation iPod Touch models have been left out but the iPhone 3GS has been included.

No iO6 for original iPad & 3rd-gen iPod touch but iPhone 3GS in?

The iPhone 3GS of course has a much older and slower processor than the 3rd generation iPod Touch which has the same amount of RAM for applications. One of the main differences between the two products is the availability of them as the iPhone 3gs is still offered on a two year contract for free with a wireless provider.

The original iPad has yet more faster processor speed than the 3rd gen iPod Touch and there does not seem to be an reason when it comes to hardware why the OS should not be available and it may be that it will be included when links are restored later in the beta. On the other hand as they are not available for sale, the chances of this are low since Apple can’t really profit from making iOS 6 compatible for these devices.

An earlier beta version of iOS 6 was reported to have slipped out some details regarding the next iPhone 5 hardware as well, although that still remains a rumor. Nevertheless, WWDC is thought to be the place where we will see some new hardware from Apple and some are saying that there will be sweeping changes across the product line as well.

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