iOS 9.3 Update May Kill iPhone 5S & Below Devices Before iOS 10 Release [RUMOR]

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With iOS 9.2 already rolled out and less than perfect, all eyes are on iOS 9.3. However not all iPhone users are looking forward to the next update which is reportedly in beta already.

Word on the street is that the iOS 9.3 beta update which was recently made available to a few gold developers have shown signs of shunning older iPhone models – in particular the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5. To give you some background, there is already a class action lawsuit against Apple for releasing the iOS 9 update to iPhone 4S users and crippling their devices with poor performance and terrible battery life.

With than in mind, many iPhone 5 and 5S users know that they would be next on the chopping block. However like many, we were expecting this to not happen before iOS 10.

The rumor hints that some of the issues iPhone 5 and 5S users may face after the iOS 9.3 update may include poor performance e.g. lagging and lower battery life than with iOS 9.2. Of course this is currently based on the beta version and may just be a glitch. So we will need to wait and see.

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